Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scarlett@Digital Image Winner & Contest - Ongoing

Scarlett@Digital Image Winner & Contest

Whew! Finally finished July's installment! Was a complete labor of love. This month I visit Helena Compton's shop, +Plus, visit with and tour CodeBastard Redgrave's new sim, Rouge. My Musts Haves takes a look at hair & make up, one shoulder dresses and light-hearted fashion looks. In my Housewares & Houses segment I review the designer homes, furniture and art of Anatine & Tenk, then take you on a summer vacation fashion journey on SL's Isle of Capri complete with music from Almartino, musician & composer from Capri Island Italy.
You also meet my July's My Favorite Look winner, Stormy Skinstad.


I hope the over 1,000 of you that have subscribed to ScarlettCast in the past month enjoy this installment and the ScarlettCast giftball for July.
Special thanks to SL machinima icon, Moo Money for mentoring me and encouraging me! She is awesome and funny and I'm proud to have her as a friend. Subscribeomatics location listings are here and growing daily! If you are a shop owner and would like one or would like to be considered to be featured on ScarlettCast, please drop me a notecard with your details.
Special drawing winners this month are as follows:
5,000L gift certificates each from Isolence - Sinead McMillian & Jewels Gothly
Five (5) Of The Scarlett Lingerie in Pink (not for sale) from Insolence will be given to:
Cristie kamachi, EvaMarie Constantine, Titania Tigerpaw, Zoie Kurrajong & Ava Hart
The Lotus Mansion from Anatine & Tenk Designs - Syler Morgwain
Artwork from Anatine & Tenk Designs - artfashionmusic Pinazzo
Outfit From Elate! - Charlotte Dyrssen
500L shopping spree at +Plus - Milani Tedeschi & Erielle Deschanel
I will be notify all of you and drop your prizes on you in-world in the next day. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to drop me a notecard!! New subscribers, don't forget to retrieve the 25 piece 4th of July holiday weekend bikini gift ball from the subscribeomatic vendor. All gifts will remain in the vendors for new subscribers. I've commissioned a hat (only available through ScarlettCast) to be made for you all next month along with many other gifts! My friend Fana Dechou is creating a programmable TV which will be in August's giftball, so you can watch ScarlettCast in-world as well.
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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

House of Heart Photography Contest

~**~~House of Heart Photography Contest~~*~

This contest will be a lot different then our usual photo contest. I am looking to have "professional" shots submitted in this contest. We have a Flickr group now so adding them via Flickr is good or you can send them to me via email and I will ad them. Think of this contest as using your avatar as art. There are many places in SL to take great pics, it could be a cliffside, sitting in flowers or fence side in your yard.


E-mail us

Flickr Group


~We are looking for a specific look this contest..think ...fashionista...chunky, skinny, short, tall, male female, it doesn't matter. Just have fun with the pics!

~You do NOT have to be a member of the IN WORLD group to participate so please pass on the contest info but you will have to join the Flickr group in order to add your photos.

~You must be wearing an item from the House of Heart main store or the HOH Mall located on Tropical Escape. All credits must be shown for all items worn..even if they are not from the HOH location.

~If you send photos to me in world, they MUST be full perms.

~Nudity TASTEFULLY done is acceptable, photos will be moderated. If you are not sure if your picture is acceptable please send a copy to Sheltered first to be sure.

~Submit as many photos as you would like. Once the contest is over there will be finalists chosen and an open poll will be put on the blog for voting.

~Use of Photoshop or Paint shop Pro is perfectly fine as well as adding graphics or images..providing the avatar is clearly shown.

~Be sure to make the lines clean and to watch for SL quirkiness your hand going into your body or your prim skirt all wonky cause of your pos

How finalists are chosen

There will be between 3 to 6 finalists. The pictures will be on the blog and there will be a vote, held open to anyone, on the winning picture overall. The contest period will run from June 21st to July 21st and the voting period will run until the end of July .

The finalists will receive:

The initial photos chosen to be voted on will win a 1400L gift card from House of Heart.

The voted winner will receive:

~2000L shopping spree for the HOH Mall
~A hairstyle will be created for him/her
~Vendor donations to be determined at a later date and will be anounced
~Opportunity to be the face of HOH Mall (if you so choose you can be used in photos for ads and the HOH Mall sign)

We love having our friends and family and customers taking part in our growth.
Sheltered Heart, FallinMy Webb and the rest of the House of Heart Designers

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Avatrat Photo Contest: Hottest Action Couple

Avatrait Gallery is sponsoring a photo contest for the next two weeks. "Avatrat Photo Contest: Hottest Action Couple"

So you think you got what it takes to be SL's hawtest, rockinest, action packed couple? Got the guns, the katanas, the clothes, and the poses? Prove it to the original HAWT Couple from NoR!!



1. New Work
2. Has to be two people in the shot. Female/Male, Male/Male or Female/Female.
3. Has to be taken in NoR at the Remembrance Sim. (Please give a shout out to HeroineNouvel Dagger if she's online she will tp you over )􀁖

4. Has to be submitted on your flickr stream and in the Avatrait Gallery group with the words, "Avatrait Gallery Hottest Action Couple" in the tags.
5. Two submissions allowed, one from each person that is the couple. You have to be in the picture if you are submitting the work.
6. Deadline is July 23rd @ 5 pm SLT! (no exceptions)

1st place, 10,000 linden
2nd place, 5,000 linden
3rd place, 2500 linden

The winning images will hang in the gallery until the next featured Contest!

If you do not have a flickr account, you can open a free account at
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Ornamental Life Sort-of Contest

Taken from Ornamental Life

Contest, sort of:

1. Take a picture wearing anything from Ornamental Life. The funkier, crazier, cooler, prettier the picture the better. Photoshopping is encouraged. Do not add your name to the picture or any text for that matter.

2. Send me {Shir Dryke} the picture as either

(1) texture inworld - create a folder, name it "Poster - your name", put in a texture with full perms so I can add your name to it OR
(2) e-mail - subject "Poster - your name", copy it to the body of the mail and attach the file.

E-mail is

3. Glory and details: submit your entry during July. You may have up to three entries but please send them in all together. Each of the people who send me a picture following the guidelines will get a special item made only for them as a thanks on 1st of August. The pictures that I like the most will go in my two stores as posters. They will have your name on them. Those who's pictures end up being the posters will also get a special prize which is three of the following releases as fatpacks for free.

4. General guidance - the key to good photography is first and foremost good ideas and quite close to that, good lighting. So make sure you're lit up well cause the mesh leaves yucky shadows all over the place if not. Take the link from sidebar to Ornamental Life Tutorials page and read the how to build a photostudio, there are tips and tricks in the end which might help you.

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Official Hair Fair 2008 Photo Contest

Taken from Scarborough Flair - for the complete posting please visit Sasy's Blog.

Do you love hair? Show it in the Official Hair Fair 2008 Photo Contest on flickr! We're looking for pictures that show the range and fun of hair across the grid. We'll be picking 2 first prize winners, three second prize winners, and 5 third place winners to display at the Hair Fair throughout the whole event.

We at Hair Fair want to show the love and appreciation for the talented people that make us beautiful hair (both past and present), and in doing so we have created the Hair Fair Photo Contest. This contest is for you to show, in an homage style, a photo or photos that show your favorite hair styles and the way you love to wear them, what makes them your favorites and what it is about the designer and their work that generates that affection.

More on rules, deadlines, etc

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Monday, July 14, 2008

Natural Beauty by Impressione - 1st 50 entries!

Natural Beauty by Impressione

Impressione announces a very special contest beginning now, with first-round runway shows on the weekend of August 9-10, culminating in a runway show with all finalists as well as an exclusive dance party during the Weekend of Beauty on September 5-7, during which a man and a woman will be selected as the Impressione Natural Beauty, receiving 25,000L in cash and other valuable prizes.

Recognizing that beauty comes in an amazing variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and styles, Impressione seeks to celebrate and showcase this diversity.

Contest entries are being accepted now. Only the first 50 qualified applicants are assured a place in one of the shows on August 9-10.

This is the event everyone is talking about -- send your application today to secure your spot. Visit Natural Beauty Contest Rules for details here.

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Contest Central Logo Winner!

Contest Central Logo Winner!

Thank you to all who participated in the Contest Central Logo Contest! The new Contest Central logo is above!!!
Special “thank you” to Kaena Kilian and Glory Gausman for their logo contest submissions. They will each receive a 500L gift card to EarthStones. Please see their photos here.

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Moulin Rouge by Impressione Contest Winner

Congratulations to Sharron Schuman of Silk Productions photography and design studio for her winning photo! It was a fun and fabulous event with the film Moulin Rouge on the video screens, DJ Kianna Noel playing naughty dance music for us, a dangerous game of Truth or Dare ongoing, two hot and sexy professional male dancers on top of the tables and in the chairs, and dozens of gorgeous burlesque dolls enjoying a girl’s night out kindly sponsored by the gracious Addi Eberhart. Sharron wins 1000L for her great camera work. Please see her event photos here.
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Purple Rose Funnies Moments aug 10th

Purple Rose Funnies Moments Contest
Purple Rose is looking for the funniest ‘blooper’ pic showcasing Purple Rose skin. Storm Babeli, creator of Purple Rose, has just released her new skin line, Mannequin Skins, with 5 various shades ranging from Light to Nubian skin tones. To help celebrate this exquisite skin line Storm is teaming with JM Models and hosting a contest to show just funny people can be showcasing her Mannequin skins. We want to see how you cover your parts in the most creative and innovative way at the same time staying professional and classy, in other words nakkie with class & humor. This is not about being glamorous or sexy; it’s about being creative and humorous! Below you will find prize info and criteria for submitting your pic. Good luck everyone and have a blast!

Example Photo

Prize information:
-$30,000L from Storm Babeli - CEO Purple Rose
-Featured in Stom Babeli’s store as the winner
-A complete Mannequin skin pack for your friend in one skin tone of your choice.
-JM Modeling School tuition fee paid for -$8,000 in value
-JM Model Professional Photo done by JM Photographer Mcooter Graves - Vains Inc Artist
-JM Model Blog feature
-ZOOM magazine feature
How to submit your entry:
1. Rename this notecard: !PR Blooper Contest [Insert your full avatar name here]
2. Place no more than 4 pics into this notecard of your blooper with FULL perms. [Can be Photoshoped or raw shots]
3. Send to Aliyeh Yifu in notecard form. Failure to do this will result in a voided entry.
4. Pictures are to show us the most creative fun way to cover your ‘parts’ in a tasteful way. Failure to do this will result in a voided entry. [We should not see your parts]
5. All questions should be directed to Aliyeh Yifu
6. Submission Deadline is: August 10, 2009 Midnight sl time
7. Winner announced August 16, 2008 @ JM Models/Purple Rose Party

Photos will be judged by:
Storm Babeli - CEO of Purple Rose
Jewell Munro - CEO of JM Models
Aliyeh Yifu - JM Models President/PR for Purple Rose


Avatar Name:
SL Birthday:
Skin Used in Pictures:
INSERT PICS BELOW: [Rename pics with: !PR Blooper [Full Avatar Name]
Photo #1:
Photo #2:
Photo #3:
Photo #4:

Tell us about your pics - Why did you do what you did:
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Reel Expression Flickr Group Contest - Ongoing

Contest Central - Reel Expression Flickr Group Contest
This is an ongoing contest. Once per month I will choose a photo from the pool which will be displayed in the lobby of the main store, and the winner will recieve a gift card for a pose set of their choice.
Get your photos in by July 19th to be included in the 1st contest!


The skinny:
1. Must use a pose from Reel Expression.
2. Must have the rights to use the photo submitted.
3. Upload to flickr and add it to the group pool.
4. The description must have:
Your SL name (if not the same as your flickr account).
Name of the pose.
Name of any models used.
5. No limit on submissions.
Luth Brodie
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Friday, July 11, 2008

Natural Beauty Contest - 1st 50 entries only - HURRY

Natural Beauty Contest

Please visit for more details.

Impressione announces a very special contest beginning now, with first-round runway shows on the weekend of August 9-10, culminating in a runway show with all finalists as well as an exclusive dance party during the Weekend of Beauty on September 5-7, during which a man and a woman will be selected as the Impressione Natural Beauty, receiving 25,000L in cash and other valuable prizes.

Recognizing that beauty comes in an amazing variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and styles, Impressione seeks to celebrate and showcase this diversity.

Contest entries are being accepted now. Only the first 50 qualified applicants are assured a place in one of the shows on August 9-10.

This is the event everyone is talking about -- send your application today to secure your spot. Visit Natural Beauty Contest Rules for important competition rules and details. Click here for more!

Show us your best LOLCat contest at Who Let the Dorks Out? Deadline July 21st

Show us your best LOLCat contest at Who Let the Dorks Out?

One thing that we've found that quite a few SLers have in common is the almighty Lolcat. Lolspeak has overthrown our grammar and has been banned from our workplaces because of…. well, us… checking every 15 mins for the best LOL of the day. SO, we got to thinking that we need a LOLtest! That was a horrid attempt at saying we need a contest where you make your own Lolcat picture out of an SL snap, enter it in the Second Life@: Who Let the Dorks Out? Flickr group pool and the winner takes 500L! It’s really easy with the help of fd’s Flickr Toys; you just upload a photo, write a caption and link it to your Flickr page. You have TWO weeks to get your LOL on and instead of Dork Of The Week on July 21st, we will have a Loldork Of Teh Week! You don’t have to BE a cat, just take any funny snap that you can match a witty caption (or capshun if we are being authentic here) with and run it through fd’s Flickr Toys. If you are new to the whole Lolcat phenomenon, you are NOT shunned from this contest. Just brush up on your and you will get the idea of typical captions (I.E. Ceiling Cat vs. Basement Cat, broken english, flavor, etc). Thats it! So we look forward to your entries, and remember the winner gets 500 lalas.

~The Dorkettes at Who Let the Dorks Out? Click here for more!

Loveparade Capture The Moment Photo Contest July 20th

Loveparade Capture The Moment Photo Contest

Please visit for more details

Mark your calendar - on Saturday, July 19th Impressione is hosting one of the greatest electronic music events in the world, the Loveparade 2008. The music at Loveparade represents the latest developments in the international electronic music scene with sounds from a cross-section of the world's top acts.

There are sure to be many incredible sights to see in addition to the amazing music. Be sure to bring your camera and submit your best photo for your chance to win 5000L in cash and prizes in the Capture the Moment challenge, sponsored by Impressione and Contest Central! The creator of the best photo will receive a one (1) hour event of their choice (value in services not to exceed 2500L), produced by Impressione, plus 2500L in cash.

You may enter as often as you wish, either in-world or via email. Email entries should be sent to and in-world entries are to be sent to JennyH GossipGirl. The email subject line or notecard name must be “Loveparade Photo Contest - YourFirstName YourLastName”. Email pictures must be in a format acceptable to posting to flickr (ie. .jpg, .gif, .tif, .png but not .tga). The filename of photos muse be in the format “Loveparade - YourFirstName YourLastName - ”. You may include a description of the photo within your email message or notecard containing your photograph(s).

Photos must be taken at the event venue during the Loveparade event on July 19th.


Photos must be taken at the event venue during the Loveparade event on July 19th. Watch this space for the event time and location. Post-processing is welcome and encouraged. All entries are due no later than 11:59pm SLT on Sunday, July 20th.

Contest winners will be notified by JennyH GossipGirl via in-world IM. Winners will also be announced via a Contest Central notice and the Contest Central blog.

All entries become the property of JennyH GossipGirl, Contest Central, and Impressione under an unlimited license; the creator retains all rights to his or her work as well.

All decisions are final and at the sole discretion of Impressione. Impressione disclaims any responsibility for errors or omissions and will act in good faith to resolve any dispute.

Thank you for your interest and participation . . . and Good Luck!!!
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Imperial Elegance & Step Up Shop Posers Contest - Weekly Contest

Imperial Elegance & Step Up Shop Posers Weekly Contest

This week, (like every week) we have 2 fabulous poses that could win you REALLY FABULOUS prizes!
For our solo pose this week, From Sai Pennell of Imperial Elegance
From the Anime Modeling Pack -Anime 12 (in the back of the store on the left)
Prize: L$500 from Aya and Myself, and a L$1000 Gift Card from Imperial Elegance!
For our couple's pose this week, from Cheyn Lane of Step Up Shop
Neckiss(directly to the left when you walk in the shop)
Prize: L$500 from Aya and myself, and a FULL COUPLES POSE PACK FROM CHEYN ( 17 POSES = A L$3000 VALUE!!)
As always, you may only enter one category, and only one picture may be submitted. You have all week to get your entries in, so if you decide to change your entry after you've submitted it, that is fine, BUT WHEN VOTING STARTS ON MONDAY, ANYONE WITH MORE THAN ONE ENTRY WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

Have fun this week, guys! Can't wait to see what you come up with! As always, if you have any questions, send me an IM :)

-Kristi Maurer Click here for more!

Strawberry Fields July Photo Contest Deadline July 22nd 2008

Strawberry Fields July Photo Contest

Theme: Summer, in black and white

Winners: 3

Judges: The June contest winners: Mcooter Graves, Biouby Ulysses, Isabella Johin


1st: 5000$L + 2 ind. pictures + 1 couple picture, with a custom pose + being a judge for the next month
2nd: 3000$L + 1 ind. pictures or 1 couple picture (your choice!) with a custom pose + being a judge for the next month
3rd: 1000$L + 1 profile picture + being a judge for the next month

The 3 winning pictures will be exhibit in the SFCafé for the next month.



Submissions: July 1st to 22 July included
Judges decisions: June 23 to 25 July
Contest Results: June 26, 12PM SL time, at the SFCafe during the summer party in black and white event with a DJ (don't know who, yet)

How to apply?

1- Join the Strawberry Fields Photos group on Flickr:
2- Submit ONE BRAND NEW picture (only one!!) in BLACK and WHITE into the Flickr group (the newer will be deleted if we find 2 and we'll delete your picture if you submit an old picture from your stream) - but you can change it anytime time you want until the deadline
3- Pornography is forbidden, soft nudity is tolerated (the sim where is the gallery is PG)
4- If we don't see clearly the theme in your picture or if we see colors, we'll delete it... So if it's not clear, describe it!
5- You must be the autor of the picture to submit it
6- Only SL picture (can be mix with RL pictures)
7- Have fun!

NOTE: After the awards event, all pictures will be deleted into the group to start a new contest.


Gabrielle & the Strawb Fields team :)
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Vanity Universe - Lingerie & Beachwear Photo contest Deadline 7.20.2008

Vanity Universe - Lingerie & Beachwear Photo contest

make a faboulus Lingerie or Beachwear Photo und win 10.000 Linden Cash

Let your imagination fly…

1.price: 10000 L$
2. price: 5000 L$
3. price: 2500 L

Submissions: july 12- july 20
Public Viewing (the best 30 Pics) : july 21 – July 26

Judging: July 26


Please put your photo on a notecard ( with full perms and please name it your Avatar Name !!! ).

Drop it into the Box on the Lingerie & Beachwear Expo on Vanity Universe. You can find the box in front of the lobby area.

By submitting entries to this competition you agree to the following terms:

1) You must be author of the picture and have the legal right to submit it to this competition with its terms and conditions.
2) Maximum of 1 submissions per person. No Submissions by alts will be accepted.
3) Submissions will only be accepted at the Drop box at VANITY UNIVERSE
4) A jury will judge entries..NADJA BAXTER reserves the right to establish a pre-selection process prior to the final Jury.
5) Picture resolution: minimum 512x 512 (1024×1024 recommended
6) Full-permissions required (modify, copy, transfer) or entry cannot be used and will be disqualified.
7) Do not give the pic to any vanity Unsiverse staff- entry cannot be considered.
{Avatar Name} - {Title} -
E.g.: Nadja Baxter - Lingerie & Beachwear Expo -

9) Vanity universe team members and Designer are excluded from participating.

GOOD LUCK everyone!

Nadja Baxter
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Drama Fashions Photo Contest! - Deadline July 31st

Drama Fashions Photo Contest!

We are a new clothing store and we are seeking posters for our store.

The contest will end July 31'st. The winners will be announced within 3 days of the end date.
This is not a popularity contest. The winners will be chosen by Drama Fahions owners.

1st place will recieve 1000L and their poster will be placed on the wall of the store indefinitely.2nd and third place will have their posters placed on the wall of the store.


1) may be edited in photoshop or other editing program, but not necessary.
2) You must be wearing at least 1 item from Drama! Fashions.
3)You must join the Drama! Fashion update group upon entering the contest.
4)The style of the photograph is up to you and should be based on the outfit you choose.
5)All photos submitted must be full permission and become the property of Drama! Fashions.
6)You may submit as many photos as you wish.

Name photos as follows "YOUr Name-Drama! photo contest.Make sure the photos are full permission..
Make a Folder renamed as follows "YOUR Name-Drama! photo contest and place the pictures in the folder. Send the folder to Suella Ember or Deea Rayna. Failure to follow the instructions will result in entries being discarded.
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SugarHill Island Name The Station Contest - Deadline Aug 15th

SugarHill Island
Name The Station Contest

The contest is to find a new name for Black Beats Radio. This contest is managed my WhiteTigres Bing and all entries become the property of Marjorie "Dibou" and Black Beats Radio. When you submit an entry you agree to relinquish and give up all future rights to receive royalties and/or payments as a result of using your entry if it is chosen as the final grand prize winner.

The 1 grand prize winner will receive:

1) L$20,000
2) Poster on SugarHill Island in the Headquarters of Black Beats Radio displaying their picture, and advertising that they won the competition
3) More prizes to come!

The 2 runner-up winners will receive

1) Cash prize to be determined
2) A prize pack from SugarHill Island and Black Beats Radio
3) More prizes to come!

Good luck everyone! For any additional information regarding the contest, please feel free to contact WhiteTigres Bing.

We are also looking for sponsors for the event. Please view the following form and send it in to WhiteTigres Bing if you would like to be a sponsor!



Black Beats Radio (BBRadio), Streaming the Rhythms of Black Music All Around the World!

BBRadio broadcasts a wide range of music inspired by the beats from the African Diaspora since 2007. Tune in on the internet or from various locations in SecondLife. Broadcasting 24 hours per day 7 days a week. BBRadio DJs and musicians perform at various venues in the SecondLife metaverse. Live DJ events are broadcast usually in the evenings at SL locations as diverse as the music we provide from a large dance club or as small as Ms. Dibou's backyard. Listeners can tune in off-world at our website or hear us in-world.

In 2008 the CEO and Founder, Marjorie "Dibou" submitted the name "Black Beats Radio" and subsequent logo to the United States Trademark Office. Unfortunately, the request for exclusive rights to the name was denied by the Trademark Office. As a result, Black Beats Radio needs a new name. So the SugarHill Island Name That Station Contest was born.

****** Website ******
****** Audio Stream *******
1) The contest winners will be chosen by SugarHill Island owner, and Black Beats Radio CEO Marjorie Dibou and her panel of judges.
2) They will select one grand prize winner and two runner ups.
3) You are expected to complete and submit the SugarHill Island Name The Station Entry Form.
4) Lets keep it fun:))) WhiteTigres Bing is here to help at anytime!
8) A small entry fee of 100L per participant will be charged. You pay the 100L entry fee when you come to get your entry form. You pay the box at SugarHill Island to receive the entry form. Once you have completed your entry form, come back to SugarHill Island and place it inside the white box that says "Place your Entry Form". All entries will be verified through transaction history. If you are not found to have paid in the transaction history, but have submitted and entry form, your entry form will be canceled and will not be eligible for re-entry.
10) ONLY ONE STATION NAME PER ENTRY FORM. If you would like to submit more than one name, you MUST purchase another entry form.

Sponser Info & Notecard

Thank you for inquiring about Sponsorship the SugarHill Island Name The Station Competition. This contest will be widely publicized. The rules and other information are detailed in the following note card:

We are looking for sponsors for this competition. As a sponsor your business will be widely publicized through SugarHill Island announcements, group posts, and ads, and you will gain new customers for your business. Each sponsor will also receive FREE advertisement airtime on Black Beats Radio and a FREE advertisement on the Black Beats Radio website. You will have your business logo displayed on SugarHill Island, with a landmark to your business that each person will receive when they touch your sign. You will also have vendor space that you can setup at the event to announce the new radio station name. We would like for you to donate items such as ,clothing, jewelry, shoes, gift cards, etc that is from your business and can be given to the participants you specify (i.e., all participants, the runner - ups, and/or the grand prize winner).

We are offering a L$20,000 cash prize to the grand prize winner of this competition. Any linden donation you give is what we will use to help SugarHill get that L$20,000 goal. When we reach that goal, all surplus dollars will just increase the pot for the 2 runner-up winners!

Please add the name of the contact person for your business to the title of this note card and fill out the application below and drop it to WhiteTigres Bing. Once it is received, she will setup and appointment time with you to discuss the details. Thank you for your interest!


Sponsorship Application for the SugarHill Island Name The Station Contest

1. What is the name of your business?

2. Who is the contact person?

3. What type of business do you have? (i.e. hair, clothes, shoes, shapes, skins, jewelry, cars, etc.)

4. What genre does your business fall in? (i.e. gothic, gorean, niko, high fashion, casual, formal, punk, urban, etc.)

5. Please put some snapshots of some of the items from your business that you would like donate. (If applicable)

Thank you again for your interest! Please contact WhiteTigres Bing with any questions or concerns.
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Shoe Fly Hot in Heels Contest - Ongoing

Hot in Heels weekly 1000L Giveaway

The contest is a Shoe Fly Inhouse Weekly contest for group members.

Just another way the Shoe Guy is taking care of his customers................The Hot in Heels weekly 1000L Giveaway!!!!!

The contest highlights hot ladies in hot shoes!!!!!!!!!

Drop your full perm pictures for display in a notecard and then into the mail box provided in front of the contest board. Each week 500 Real Lindens and a 500 Shoe Fly giftcard are guaranteed to the winning participant.

We want pictures of heels here ladies -- so as pretty as you are, we need to see those feets :)

Couple of simple rules.......


*If you get caught gaming the system you will go away. No questions, no whining, no shoes for you!

*No facials -- I cannot influence the contest ladies no matter how much you bribe me ;) Shoes, Legs, Full body are perfect -- Ass shots encouraged.

*Pics will be displayed and you may bring your friends to come and vote. The voter "pays" the picture to register a vote... (but voting is free - just choose the "pay option")

Lets keep it clean and keep the dirty stuff for after hours :)

*You must wear Shoe Fly Shoes to be put up on the boards.

*We gurantee 500L per week

*You may enter at any point of the competition if there are slots available.

*You may enter the contest every week unless you have won a previous week.

*Previous week's winners are featured in Heels Magazine the following month and automatically entered into the Monthly grand prize drawing.

*The first 10 notecards get in. Get them cameras warmed up and start snapping ladies.
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